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About the author

          Gary Cutler received ministerial training at Kentucky Mountain Bible College, Vennard College, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Anderson School of Theology. The Cutlers pastored four years with the Wesleyan Church and served seven years as missionaries to Indonesia and Lesotho, South Africa, first under World Gospel Misson and then under The Church of the Bible Covenant. Gary taught for six years at Union Bible College, Westfield, Indiana. In 1989 Gary answered God's call to start Rapture Revival Ministries, a conservative evangelical approach to end-time Bible prophecy interpretation.

My Story

          I was number two in a family of five siblings. Dad was a small-time southeast Iowa farmer who early in life felt called to Christian ministry; because of financial hardship, he could obtain only one year of formal education. The depth of Dad's spirituality and commitment to Christian service inspired me to give my heart to Jesus Christ and be called into the ministry of the Word at age 14. My Free Methodist and Nazarene denominational background brought me under the influence of then-rampant Dispensational Premillennial end-time prophecy teaching, which I eagerly embraced with great enthusiasm. 

Hobby horse preaching on the any-moment secret pre-tribulation Rapture expectation of popular evangelical teaching became the central focus of my early pastoral and missionary career, as I aspired to become an expert in promoting what I did not realize then was classic Scofield Darbyism, historically speaking.

         However, seeds of awakening were planted early on. One such conscious-raising incident was a small tract refuting pre-tribulation Rapture teaching left on a lounge table at World Gospel Mission headquarters in Marion, Indiana. That was the first recollection of my naively-held Darbyism ever being contradicted. My actual ideological conversion began in June 1977, when the light bulb turned on in my brain that Christ, not Antichrist, was the divinely-intended covenant-maker of Daniel’s 70th week. During this same period, I  had the spiritual experience of a clear-cut receiving of the Holy Spirit that settled all my previous doubts and fears about what I was claiming to be the experience of entire sanctification.  The Lord showed me then and there that I needed to stop seeking an experience and begin seeking God for himself alone. I had been far too subjective. Objectivity--a true God-focus-- began to pull me, slowly but surely, out of the quagmire of my false Dispensational theological learning.

         My spiritual and intellectual journey then led me to discover that Dispensational teaching, far from being compatible with Wesleyan theology, was the ideological and philosophical destruction of Wesleyan theology. So from 1989 onward, the vision and passion emerged within me to restore historic Wesleyan theology by purging it of those elements of Dispensational false learning that had given me such fits and I was sure was giving others like me the same ideological conflicts as well. I saw that the contemporary conservative Wesleyan Holiness ministry desperately needed re-educating, and God was calling me to do the job.  Thus the past 30-plus years of my story have been life-long learning and my Christian service work of a lifetime.

We call these now more fully developed perspectives Wesleyan Bible Prophecy. I hope you like them.

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